Gala Journal

Every attendee to the Annual Colel Chabad International Awards Gala will receive a journal recognizing the honorees & committee. Your journal ad is an excellent way to show that you are proud of an involved colleague or family member, and that you care about the work that Colel Chabad does. 

Taking out an ad in a journal to support a colleague or family member is a wonderful way to demonstrate appreciation and respect. It shows you are willing to go the extra mile to acknowledge their achievements. It is also a great way to spread the word about their success to many people, often far beyond the local community.

A Gala Journal can be kept for years, making it a special memento and reminder of how much the person is valued, and a source of motivation for them as they continue their journey.


AD SIZE 6×6″


For questions or to discuss your journal ad, please contact [email protected] or call (718) 774-5446 

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Pillar of Support


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Corporate Leader


Founders Page $5,400
Platinum Page $3,600
Diamond Page $2,500 
Chai Page $1,800
Gold Page $1,200
Silver Page $720
Full Page $600
Half Page $360
Every $1,800 in Journal Advertising entitles you to a reservation.